Description of labels in data file

Col. Label Description Unit
A yyyymmdd date (year-month-day) GMT
B hhmmss time (hour-min-sec) GMT
C utc serial number since January 1, 1900 day
D Lat latitude degree N
E Lon longitute degree E
F Outside Temp(deg C) air temperature on the deck degree Celsius
G Outside Hum(%RH) relative humidity on the deck percent
H Solar Radiation (kW/m2) solar radiation kW/m2
I Ship Speed ship speed knots
J Room Press cal(hPa) calibrated atmospheric pressure at sea level hPa
K Air xCO2 cal calibrated atmospheric xCO2 ppm
L SD standard deviation of Air xCO2 cal  
M Flag 0: SD < 0.3; 1: SD < 1.0; blank: SD = 1.0 or more (value eliminated)  
N Bottle Name bottle name of sampling